What happens when a small team of information designers and computer scientists decide to change the way that the genomic and proteomic data is currently visualized?

We found a problem

Over 100 000 gene transcripts are currently
stored in the Ensembl Database

There is so much data that is currently not visualized properly.

We want to make a change

We began with data

Extracting protein data from Ensembl.org and designing new ways to visualize and connect it with pharmacogenomic databases around the world.

Getting involved in the project

To come up with intuitive and interactive data visualizations we tried to understand the user’s needs by analysing the data

Coming up with a Solution

Finally we developed a tool that improves visualizations of protein mutations, while fetching updated data from trustworthy sources. This allows researchers to better understand data and obtain higher quality insights from it.

Our future goal is to continue growing our tool and visualizing more data. We know that we can help researchers to come to new findings in the medical field.